Pelikinesis is able to offer a turnkey service. We can help to bring ideas from the page to successful activation.  Whether it is design for manufacture, prototyping, cad/cam drafting or simply coming up with a really great idea. We can combine design and fabrication in a single package which can yield significant cost savings and smooth the realisation process.
A proven track record in sourcing, specification and project management will make all the difference to the success of your project or build.

Design Origination

Technical briefs and artistic direction transformed into functional and aesthetically pleasing ideas. All work undertaken with a practical acknowledgement to conserving resources and budgets. Measured and realistic design from the small scale to stage sized. Design smart…

CAD / CAM Drafting

Specialist drafting in 2D and 3D. From site plans to decking configurations. Drawings to pitch, plan or achieve sign-off.Quantify and allocate resources.  Ideas referenced from paper, photo or sketch. Imported into a CAD framework from Rhino, illustrator or solidworks.

Props for Theatre and Television

Kinetic and motorised. Scenic treatments and specialist finishes. Bespoke or adapted. Quick builds for a one off stunt or bombproof to survive a nationwide tour.  Suspended or lift mounted. Vinyl wrapped or blue screen. Kubuki and hydraulic reveals.

Wide ranging experience to see your projects through to a successful outcome.

Design brief example